My inspiration for this artwork initially stemmed from finding the locations of photographs taken and shared through social media by crew members aboard the International Space Station. 

I have contributed to the following maps, covering multiple ISS Expeditions, created and cataloged by Dave MacLean

Expeditions 43/44/45/46 : Scott Kelly's Year In Space (NASA) : Kjell Lindgren (NASA)

  • #spacegeo : I participated in Scott's weekly quiz, winning a signed print of his photograph featuring Lake Titicaca.
  • #storyofwater features Kjell's theme of photographs from around the world
  • #earthart : Scott's series of colorful landscapes

Expeditions 46/47 : Tim Peake (ESA : UK) : Tim Kopra (NASA) : Jeff Williams (NASA)

Expeditions 47/48 : Jeff Williams (NASA) : Kate Rubins (NASA)

Expeditions 49/50 : Shane Kimbrough (NASA) Thomas Pesquet (ESA : France) & Peggy Whitson (NASA)

Expeditions 50/51 : Pesquet (ESA) & Whitson (NASA)

I have had the opportunity to assist Sergey Ryazansky, a Russian Cosmonaut, with geo-locating his photographs from Expedition 37/38, of which he took thousands. I was able to help him locate many images that he shared with his many followers on Instagram and Twitter. Sergey is currently Prime Crew for Expedition 52/53 which is scheduled to launch to the International Space Station in July.

My geo-location work has also been featured on the NASA Earth Observatory Blog

I have participated in two NASA Social Events: Both events were well organized and incredibly rewarding.

  • The Space-X CRS-8 resupply mission launch at Kennedy Space Center, which was the first successful barge landing for their Falcon 9 Booster Rocket (now old hat).
  • I also participated in a NASA NAAMES event at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Falmouth, MA

Stemming from the above work, I have continued to focus my interests by combining photographs taken from the space station with satellite imagery in a unique blend of visual art. By combining this with historical events associated with the geographical features, I aim to reach a broad audience with a blend of artwork and geo-history of the world we live in.

I hope you enjoy my Artwork from Low Earth Orbit

Gavin McMorrow

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